Fiori Group: we collect and recycle ferrous and non-ferrous materials, lead batteries, steel packaging and industrial scrap.
Fiori Group is approved by CNA and COBAT.
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  • At the 11th edition of Ecomondo, Fiori Group presented the sculpture exhibition entitled Spagiria, in which seven artists transformed material in the form of industrial waste into a recovered form, until it attained the status of pure, artistic matter.

  • Spagiria, from the Greek “spao” meaning “I separate” and “geiro” meaning “I join”, challenges the artist to reinvent recovered material and raise it to the status of pure matter. The initiative launched by the Fiori Group proposed, with an innovative and surprising formula, a means of recovering waste materials: a journey that starts with an industrial material and ends with a cultural material.

    The exhibition Spagiria was conceived by Paolo Gualandi and features a critical commentary by Loretta Secchi.

  • The exhibition displayed the work of seven artists Adriano Avanzolini, Mirta Carroli, Danilo Cassano, Paolo Gualandi, Gabriele Lalatta, Enrico Mulazzani and Maurizio Osti, who turned their work into incarnations of the symbol of the seven alchemical metals: gold-Sun, silver-Moon, copper-Venus, iron-Mars, tin-Jupiter, lead-Saturn and mercury-Mercury.

    The works, all made with recovered ferrous materials, are the result of the process of transformation of recycled material, from “poor” matter to artistic matter. Created using recovered ferrous materials, they are the result of the artists’ interpretation of the process of recycling raw materials deriving from their form as industrial waste, to their recovered form, until they attain the status of pure, artistic matter. This original event revolved around the similarity between the art of metallurgy and that of alchemy, both of which are based on the transformation and processing of metals, and around the desire of Fiori Group to elicit emotions and transmit values (and provoke thought) beyond the material, and to be able to communicate with a wider and more diverse public, without forgetting the people who work in its own industry, through one
    of the most stimulating universal languages: art.