Fiori Group: we collect and recycle ferrous and non-ferrous materials, lead batteries, steel packaging and industrial scrap.
Fiori Group is approved by CNA and COBAT.
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  • Ecomondo 2008. Fiori Group presents We’re all miners now - Why and how to avoid wasting resources, an initiative entirely dedicated to environmental education of children and young adults.

    The stand serves as an interactive educational exhibition, and the guided tours and book as an environmental education manual. The project Siamo tutti minatori traces the history of metals and their role in the history of man, reveals the social and environmental impact that metals and mining have had and still have, and attributes value to the collection and recovery of metals as an act of significant civil responsibility.

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    Exhibition detail

  • "A socially responsible company is one that sees itself as part of the economic, social and environmental fabric, and which keeps links between these spheres, built on trust high-quality human relationships. A socially responsible company is one that pays attention to the impact of its actions on the environment. A socially responsible company is one that sees ecology and economy as inextricably linked.
    In recent years we have passionately embraced these intentions, and dedicated considerable energy to implementing projects that contribute to extending and reinforcing an awareness of the issues that the company holds dear, such as sustainability, recycling and the environment. And with the same passion, we created “We're all miners now”. A journey in environmental education that focuses on recycling, with a view to highlighting, especially for the younger generation, its environmental, economic and social value. There are two strands to this journey: an exhibition, which is immediately involving, and an anthology in book form, which provides a starting point for further research and reflection.

    During the course of its production, we found ourselves in the difficult situation of having to assess essays, short stories, poems, data, images and games. In other words, different voices and heterogeneous languages originating from a wide range of authors, which we constantly had to compare with our company’s work. It was a difficult and complex task, and it forced us to ask ourselves lots of questions in relation to the proposed content. It was an unusual challenge for a company, a challenge we took up with passion, a challenge that extended our horizons, and we hope it will do the same for its readers."

    Chiara, Federica, Tamara. Fiori Group
    From the book Siamo tutti minatori, Gruppo Fiori, 2008. 

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    Book cover

  • The exhibition and the book entitled We’re all miners now were conceived by Chialab (Beppe Chia and Alex Weste) and by the Fiori Group (Tamara, Chiara, Federica). They were developed with the participation of Paolo Azzurro, Matilde Carabellese, Silvana Sola, Giulia Sagramola, Giuseppe Palumbo, Tuono Pettinato, Vanna Vinci and Mariagrazia Canu.

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    The rebirth of materials, interactive game

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    Inverting growth, interactive game

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    Sustainability, interactive game

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    Between science and play, sustainable laboratory

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    Low impact living, interactive game

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    Sustainable readings