Fiori Group: we collect and recycle ferrous and non-ferrous materials, lead batteries, steel packaging and industrial scrap.
Fiori Group is approved by CNA and COBAT.
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  • Fiori Group's companies exclusively use the present official website to promote their activities.

    We kindly ask you to contact us for any inquiery using only the contacts provided in the section 'Contacts' on this website.

    All commercial offers associated to homonymous company names or names similar to those of Fiori Group's companies (especially Italmetalli and Italferro) presented on other websites, are to be considered not authorized and can not be attributed to Fiori Group.

    Fiori Group's companies will therefore not be responsible for adverse consequences which eventually may arise from the establishment of any kind of relationship using other than the contacts specified on this website; any misuse will be persecuted.