Fiori Group: we collect and recycle ferrous and non-ferrous materials, lead batteries, steel packaging and industrial scrap.
Fiori Group is approved by CNA and COBAT.
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  • Crucial words for a sustainable future 

    Rimini, Ecomondo 2015. 

    The stand of Gruppo Fiori is an event that cannot be missed at this expo dedicated to circular economies. For the 2015 edition we invited our guests to come and play with us:

    Between a mysterious vowel and a difficult consonant to find, there were also many familiar words, from everyday life, placed in the grid to help or mislead participants...

    300 words, 300 definitions, a maxi-crossword puzzle 10 meters long.

  • Sharing, teamwork, conviviality.

    Everyone knows it as a solitary pastime: our crossword was a convivial game, to be completed together, uniting strengths and ideas. Hidden among the everyday words, precious words were discovered, words that describe virtuous acts. Words and objects that contain human and material stories, that explain why scraps are not useless, and how it is that the sites of Gruppo Fiori are like modern mines: because here metals are reborn, day after day. Playing the game meant having the pleasure of finding "crucial words": those able to be transformed into actions.

    A special thanks goes to the middle and high school students and their teachers who participated in great number.   

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  • IMG_4648.jpg

    More details on the words of sustainability

  • The Crucial Words project for a sustainable future was created by Chialab (Beppe Chia and Alex Weste) and Gruppo Fiori (Tamara and Federica).

    The space and the press materials were designed by Chialab.

    The big crossword was made by Woquini. The small crosswords were made by Chiara Monzali.

    The press office and management of social networks was carried out by Mariagrazia Canu.

    The stand structures are by NGcombroker.

    Thanks also to Giulia Zucchini and Giulia Quadrelli, skilled crossword acrobats and "tamers" of school kids.

    Also many thanks to Alba and Simona and to the rising stars Olimpia and Rosita.

  • IMG_2915.JPG

    10 meters of crossword...

  • IMG_2922.JPG

    Young "crossworders" at work

  • IMG_8142.jpg

    262 across: Alpacca, also known as nickel silver

  • IMG_2912.JPG

    Not much more

  • IMG_2926.JPG

    More crosswords for the most motivated

  • IMG_2936.JPG

    Did you know metals can be recycled almost infinitely?

  • IMG_8137.jpg

    Aluminum, magnesium and brass

  • IMG_2938.JPG

    Group work, team spirit

  • IMG_4627.jpg

    Almost done

  • IMG_2941.JPG

    The "classificube"

  • IMG_8140.jpg

    Nickel in its niche

  • IMG_2953.JPG

    The beginning is the hardest part...

  • IMG_8145.jpg

    5 objects, 15 metals for a workshop with kids

  • IMG_8175.jpg

    One word after another...

  • IMG_8185.jpg

    Together we can do more

  • foto.JPG

    And we even celebrated a birthday