Fiori Group: we collect and recycle ferrous and non-ferrous materials, lead batteries, steel packaging and industrial scrap.
Fiori Group is approved by CNA and COBAT.
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  • Crespellano, 14 september 2011.
    The decision to invest in a photovoltaic power plant is coherent with Fiori Group's company policy of protecting environmental resources: that's why we've installed one on the roof of our major fabric, producing 972 kW mostly for autoconsumption.

  • image001.jpg

    The PV plant seen from above

  • The most evident and palpable results are the emissions avoided and the fuel saved.
    Thanks to the new plant we may avoid to emit into the atmosphere:

    CO2* per year: 429.153 kg/a
    in 30 years: 12.874.590 kg

    SO2* per year: 1.064 kg/a
    in 30 years: 31.920 kg

    NOX* per year: 930 kg/a
    in 30 years: 27.900 kg

    Dust emission per year: 573 kg/a
    in 30 years: 17.190 kg

    *CO2 = Carbon dioxide
    *SO2 = Sulfur dioxide
    *NOX = Oxides of nitrogen


  • image002.jpg

    Main fabric covered with PV panels

  • Saving electric energy thanks to the photovoltaic plant means to save primary resources, which are measurable in Tons of oil equivalent (TOE).
    The amount of primary combustible saved is measured upon the estimated amount of electric energy produced by the plant every year: 1.103.220 kWh/a.

    Fuel saved per year: 206 TOE
    in 30 years: 6.180 TOE

    To understand the full dimension of the investment it's enough to remember that the average consumption of electricity of an Italian family amounts to 2700 kWh, meaning that we're able to cover the energetic demand of more than 400 households.