Fiori Group: we collect and recycle ferrous and non-ferrous materials, lead batteries, steel packaging and industrial scrap.
Fiori Group is approved by CNA and COBAT.
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  • Over 50% of the metal used in steelmaking comes from secondary sources. And that’s what we’re working towards.
  • Stringent checks on incoming and outgoing materials ensure the safety of what goes in and the quality of what comes out of our sites. Rainwater is painstakingly treated by a clariflocculation plant. All work processes are carried out in strict accordance with safety and environmental legislation.

    We have obtained the most stringent quality certifications - ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 - for our production processes.

    By reaping the benefits of our investments in research conducted in partnership with the universities of Bologna and Rome, and with the active involvement of all of Fiori Group’s employees, we are constantly improving our work processes, the quality of our work and the finished product.

  • The recycling of metals is a major value and an important opportunity that needs to be translated into a significant advantage for industry, the environment and development.

    Working with determination in the metal recycling chain means saving the energy and water that would otherwise be consumed in the treatment of quarried minerals, reducing the quantity of waste produced by the extraction of minerals from the earth, and substantially lowering the emissions generated by the processing of metal.