Fiori Group: we collect and recycle ferrous and non-ferrous materials, lead batteries, steel packaging and industrial scrap.
Fiori Group is approved by CNA and COBAT.
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  • Metals as flowers

    As every year, the true heroes of Fiori Group's exhibition space were its visitors, protagonists of the infinite transformation of metal. As in a huge coloring book, they were invited to create colorful flowers generated by composing the silhouettes of scrap metal. Giving color to the black and white designs, our guests also gave life to the exhibition itself, transforming it into an art gallery animated by shapes and colors in constant mutation. Fiori Group at Ecomondo, Rimini, 8-11 novembre 2016.

  • Attention, care, collaboration.

    Sifting through the scrap metal treated in our plants every day, we collected 28 objects made of different kinds of metal. Photos were taken, drawings made - transforming, combining, composing their 'natural' beauty into 14 flowers. Printed on 28 large posters, these flowers could be colored by our visitors in the exhibition space, collaborating with fellow improvised artists. 
    At home, their experience may be repeated and shared using the coloring book "Metalli come fiori", a sort of herbarium of metal flowers.
    Coloring means to pay attention, to valorise, to care for. That's what Fiori Group does every day collecting, recovering, reviving metal.

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  • Exhibition and communication design by Chialab.

    Original metal-botanical illustrations by Berger&Talleri.

    Press office and social media management by Maria Grazia Canu.

    Video by Raffaele Mariotti.

    Stand building by NGcombroker.

    Thanks to Giulia Zucchini and Adriana Grigoriou, experts of facilitation and felt pens.

    Thank you Alba and Simona, Olimpia and Rosita.

    A special thank you goes to the students and their teachers for participating with enthusiasm.

  • metallicomefiori01.jpg

    Calendari, spille, borse – e il coloring book nella collana Gruppo Fiori

  • metallicomefiori.jpg

    Making of flowers