Fiori Group: we collect and recycle ferrous and non-ferrous materials, lead batteries, steel packaging and industrial scrap.
Fiori Group is approved by CNA and COBAT.
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  • The Gratitude and Knowledge of Metal

    A well-equipped laboratory - that's what we prepared for the 2017 edition of Ecomondo. Our annual appointment at the fair was dedicated to the budding scientists from regional schools. Conducted by a team of science-educators, students had their fun while using magnets, batteries, pliers, beakers. Experimenting the main properties of different metals, they deepened their knowledge about them and the recycling chain.

  • Know, recognize, recycle

    Conductivity, magnetism, density and malleability: these 4 properties were the solid base for experiments and exercises, each guided by an interactive touch-screen on the 4 worktables. Using head and hands, our guests participated enthusiastically, discovering many a secret about metals and their peculiar feature of being almost infinitely recyclable.

    "La RiconoScienza dei Metalli" is only the latest of many educational projects in our collection, aimed at revaluating "scrap" metal as a common value not only for insiders but for every citizen who will acknowledge recycling as a virtuous and responsible daily pratice.

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  • "La RiconoScienza dei Metalli"

    has been developed by Chialab (Beppe Chia and Alex Weste) and Fiori Group (Tamara Viola and Federica Fiori).

    Exhibition design and visual design by Chialab.

    Dr Fiori's illustrations are crafted by Berger&Talleri.

    Lab-management and scientific research by Tecnoscienza: Danilo Cinti, Martina Di Ciano, Davide Giampiccolo, Matteo Pompili, Nicole Ticchi.

    Press and social media by Mariagrazia Canu.

    Video by Raffaele Mariotti.

    Stand-building by NGcombroker.

    RiconoScienza/gratitude to Giulia Zucchini.

    Thank you Alba, Simona, Olimpia, Rosita, and Caterina.

    A very special thank you to the students and their teachers for their interest shown in our project.